Thermoskin back support

People with back problems usually ask me; what do you think of back braces? Do they help? Which one is a good one?

Well, I think back braces will help you as a coadjuvant of the main treatment such as physical therapy.

I have worked with many good ones, but this Thermoskin lumbar support is my favorite due to some specific features.

But, before we get too much into a medical grade lumbar support, the best thing to do here will be to have a health practitioner assess your mobility and pain problem to determine the best treatment for you.

Got it?

Thermoskin Lumbar Support

Author: G. Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author..⟩⟩

Device features

Warmth is one of the best solutions for improved healing and muscle relaxation in the presence of chronic back pain or muscle spasm due to overuse and muscle fatigue.

While traditional methods are effective,  they are not very comfortable. Thermoskin Lumbar Support provides all the benefits of heat therapy along with additional support for quick recovery from the various painful spinal conditions.

Thermal support has a special role in spine injury, it is especially recommended after 72 hours of spine injury, when such procedure promotes healing, thereby decreasing pain and inflammation.

Thermal support provides temporary pain relief by increasing the local temperature, which improves the local blood flow and accelerates the healing processes.

In addition to the local heating effect, it provides mild compression to counteract any swelling.

Additional warmth has muscle relaxant effect, thus improving the mobility and providing pain-free movements in various low back pain conditions.


Thermoskin Lumbar Support has a very effective system to provide warmth; it does not come with any chemical agent or electrical mean to produce heat.

It comes with what is called Thermoskin® technology, that provides an ingenious way to collect body heat,  the triple advantage of “Trioxin” (three layers for added benefit).

back support

Inner layer wicks away the moisture keeping the skin dry, the middle layer is made to provide a high degree of local warmth for better blood flow and relaxation, while the outer layer is elastic for providing mild compression that is beneficial in swelling.

Overall performance

It creates an even and comfortable heat zone that helps promotes quick healing of muscular sprains, inflammation, and soft tissue injury.

The additional pain-relieving effect due to local muscle relaxation.

It is comfortable to wear; one can use it over a long period until there is complete healing.

There are no side effects of such mild, long-acting, and continuous treatment.

Pros and Cons

Local heat therapy, compression and support for lower back that:

  • Ensures quick healing due to improved blood flow
  • Relaxes local musculature for painless movements
  • Counteracts swelling
  • Helps to prevent any further damage

Keep in mind that this brace is designed to facilitate healing after an injury,  its design is narrower in the front to allow bending movements and wide in the back to provide broad coverage.

There are some reports of people who tried to use it permanently for back support for lifting weight at work and reported that after a couple of weeks of prolonged daily wearing, the front portion of the brace began rolling.

Industrial Work Back Braces for Heavy Lifting Safety, are not the best option to prevent back injuries.

There is a study completed in 2009 by The Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA, comparing the prevalence of back pain in people wearing and not wearing back supports.

It concluded that there was no benefit. Trials completed also found out that exercise interventions were effective and other interventions including stress management, shoe inserts, back supports, ergonomic/back education, and reduced lifting programs were not.

The varied successful exercise approaches, in this study, demonstrated benefits beyond their intended physiologic goals.

Here is a video from the manufacturer presenting its product, in case you are interested in watching it.

Conclusion and rating (0-100%) for Durability, Comfort Performance


It surely is one of the best solutions for local heat therapy. It takes the shape of the body and does not look awkward; routine work can be performed for few hours while wearing Thermoskin Lumbar Support

It is a simple and effective solution to a very painful and chronic problem.

For a more effective approach, therapeutic exercises, along with the use of Thermoskin Lumbar Support may decrease low back pain recurrence; complete healing takes more than just a brace sometimes.

I can be given the rating of 90% out of 100


Just so you know, I am not affiliated in any way with this brand, I have seen, tested and reviewed many of its products, (like I do with multiple other brands) and they tend to fabricate good quality, innovative, safe and functional devices.


thanks for taking the time and read this review, please leave a comment below and share this with a friend who may need folding walker, see you

Thermoskin Lumbar Support

$29.99 - $59.95






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  1. Hong October 16, 2018 at 3:46 am - Reply

    This is a very helpful and informative article.I enjoyed the review. I had no idea there is such product available on the market. My grandmother has really bad back pain. She take a lot of medication to help with that. The product sounds very promising. I like the fact that you listed the pros and cons of the product. That’s very helpful and useful information to have. My question is if my grandmother gets this, how soon will she experience pain relieve?

    • G. Guido Rodriguez PT, RT October 18, 2018 at 11:50 pm - Reply

      Hello Hong

      Well it all depends, you are describing your grandmother’s back pain to be severe and treated with heavy medication.

      This brace may help her get some relief within a couple of hours, but the ideal would be to consult with a physical therapist specialized in spinal problems to determine the best approach, in this case. thanks


  2. Jag October 16, 2018 at 3:49 am - Reply

    My daughter deals with constant back pain, especially in the winter time. This due an old injury she received when she was a skateboarder. We haven’t found anything yet which works, believe me we have tried everything out there.

    I will mention this to her, especially as her backs gets worse during the cold months. The heat settings may help. We had one of Dr ho’s products, but maybe this will be more up her alley. I enjoyed reading this and will pass it on to her. 

  3. Vivi October 16, 2018 at 3:55 am - Reply

    This is just what i was looking for. As a dancer sometimes I push too hard and end up with back pain, the lower back pain is the worse. I try to get massages and go to the physiotherapist as much as I can but it is not always a possibility for me. 

    I do have a heating pillow that I usually place below my back and helps with the pain but doesn’t offer as much suppor as this one does. Is definitely a great affordable option! 

    • G. Guido Rodriguez PT, RT October 18, 2018 at 11:42 pm - Reply

      Hi Vivi, Dancers usually are powerful when it comes to spinal stabilizer muscles. However, it is not always accurate due to some neuromuscular unbalances may be present,  weakening the stabilization of the spine making it prone to injuries.

       This brace will provide strong support, but due to its soft design, it will not restrict your spine’s movements like a rigid lumbar brace.

      Of course, if you have had this problem for a while, consult with a specialist, Ok, but if you want to try, something  I will recommend a  three-dimensional core training workout to complement your training as a dancer and use this brace to facilitate the spinal muscle relaxation.

      I hope you feel better, thanks 

  4. Shannon October 16, 2018 at 4:04 am - Reply

    Being in the profession where I am on my feet all day I am beginning to experience some lower back pain. I have picked up some yoga material to try and stretch out these kinks, and think maybe I will combine the brace with an exercise regimen. Can added heat be used with this brace or is that not recommended? 

    I noticed you said only a few hours of work can be completed while wearing one of these. Does that mean I shouldn’t wear one on my 12 hr shift in the barbershop?

    Thanks for sharing’


    • G. Guido Rodriguez PT, RT October 18, 2018 at 11:23 pm - Reply

      I Shannon, low back pain can have multiple origins, so If you have been experiencing low back pain for a long time, I will suggest having a formal assessment by a physical therapist or chiropractor.

      This lumbar support is soft, so it is mostly intended to provide some level of comfort with some local warmth, so basically, the unique fabric of the brace will collect your body heat providing a steady warmth sensation, facilitating muscle relaxation.

      The exercises that your asking, would be ideal and need to be case specific, for long-term benefits.

      Regarding wearing this lumbar support for a long shift at work.  I think wearing it for a long time will not be therapeutic, keep in mind that this lumbar support will help you treat a lumbar problem, however, if your pain is that persistent a different program should be in place.

      I hope it helps define the path to healing your back, let me know you have more questions.



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