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Physical Therapy to elderly patients with COVID-19

Author: G.Guido Rodriguez PT, RT  with the participation of Calvin Weaver PTA and the collaboration of  George A. Purcelley PT, DPT, GCS, WCC, CEEAA We are living in unprecedented times pulling through a pandemic. Even more, the role of physical and occupational therapy has been conflicted regarding the treatment of elderly patients with [...]

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Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation

Author: Dr. Oscar Paredes Ottalengo, G.Guido Rodriguez PT, RT  about this authors..⟩⟩ In this article, I would like to refer to Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation. Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a disease of the brain, a progressive condition that is difficult to treat, It is not acutely fatal. However, it leads to years of compromised quality [...]

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“How to Improve Balance”; How does balance work?, How to know if I am having balance problems?

  Author: G.Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author..⟩⟩     How to improve balance?? This is a common question. Most of us can walk and navigate effortlessly through places. Thus we do not tend to think about the millions of people having problems with balance and general mobility. Research shows that as much [...]

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How to Walk with a Cane

Author: G.Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author..⟩⟩ As a physical therapist sometimes you find yourself assessing the way people walk in the street, it is inevitable,  particularly when they are utilizing an assistive device. The most common mistake that I have observed, is people using a wrong gait pattern with a regular [...]

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Knee Replacement Recovery Time

Author: Dr. Oscar Paredes Ottalengo, about this author… Are you getting ready for a Total Knee Replacement? here is some information about its recovery time.  Everyone wants to be able to walk freely, get out of the clutches of crutches. Osteoarthritis is defined as one of the main reasons of age and [...]

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What is Diathermy – Generalities, SWD (Short Wave Diathermy) Description.

  G. Guido Rodriguez PT - RT, About this author... I have been asked "What is Diathermy?" multiple times in my practice and it is always a pleasure to answer it, so here are the details of what diathermy is. The word “Diathermy” comes from the Greek “Dia” (through) + “Thermé” [...]

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Cervical Stenosis Physical Therapy

Author: G. Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author… What is Cervical Stenosis? Learn About This Progressive Narrowing of the Spinal Canal   The cervical spine is one of the regions of the spinal column.     The cervical vertebrae are a series of 7 bones connected to each other forming the neck. The spinal canal, [...]

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Foot Pain on the bottom of foot

If you are having foot pain, but on the bottom of the foot, here I am providing you some information about it and ways to treat it. The feet are the exposed to a significant amount of physical forces through the day, with some alterations depending on the activities and over time even changes in weight [...]

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Rotator Cuff Tear

You may have experienced having gone through a physical examination, x-rays and all, then.... a diagnosis of a rotator-cuff tear!!. Now what probably started as an arm and shoulder pain ending with a doctor’s suggestion of an immediate surgery,... But hold your fire!!; in many cases and depending on the extension of the tear, an [...]

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