Best Walking Canes for Seniors – Top Two Picks

People with some balance problems normally ask me What Are the Best Walking Canes for Seniors?

I have worked with many good ones, but these canes, in particular, are my favorite due to some particular features.

But, before we get too much into canes and models, let me mention that a medical grade “regular” walking cane (no quad canes) is mostly designed for people with mild balance problems.

So, the best thing to do here will be to have a physical therapist assess your mobility and balance problems to determine the best assistive device for you.


Today’s canes

Canes have evolved significantly, and unlike the past, the main objective is to provide stability to its user, they are now versatile,  made of different material, including, aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber with adjustable length, foldable, lightweight, and multiple end cap or tips options.

Here are the top  2

Only two canes were selected based on safety and features.

1 )  Go Steady Combo Cane®

This cane, in my opinion, is one of the sturdiest, durable and safe for all terrains.

 It features a balanced aluminum shaft with an ergonomically designed Grooved Grip® hand grip, adding the comfort of a larger soft handle for better control and easy hanging, and a patented Flexi-Tip®, an anti-slip tip of tripod shape design.

Both components are fabricated of thermoplastic materials ( no rubber) extending  its durability

This Combo Cane is adjustable from 29” to 38” in length (grip to the floor) and comes with a regular (Small/Medium) or (Large/XL) size Grooved Grip.

If your combo cane drops, you can simply step on the flexi-tip to bring it right up.

I tried this cane myself for demonstration to patients, and also assessed patients walking with it during gait training sessions, and I found it to be very safe transitioning through different surfaces, like from tile to carpet, to concrete, to gravel, to grass, and its adherence was optimal.



  • Quality and durability  
  • Constructed with aircraft aluminum quality 
  • Soft wide grip  
  • Tripod tip  
  • Adjustable
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Self-righting
  • Replacement parts available.
  • Limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day satisfaction or your money back guarantee
  • A Bariatric option is available with same great features and benefits, but with reinforced aluminum shaft



  • Two colors available




2 ) The Handy Cane




This one is a combination between a single point cane and a reacher/grabber, allowing it not only to improve your balance but also to pick up papers, reach and grab a can or even a small book from a shelf.

The Handy cane is not height adjustable but comes in 3 different sizes:

  • Small: 32.7” long, for people 4’, 5″ to 5’, 5″ tall
  • Medium: 34.7” long, for people 5’, 5″ to 6’,1″ tall
  • Large: 37.7” long, for people over 6’, 1″ tall








  • Built-in grasper.
  • It can be used as a cane or as a reacher/grabber
  • Increases independence for people with limited mobility   
  • Durable & strong,
  • Replacement parts available
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Made with aircraft grade aluminum, support up to 350 pounds


  • Not adjustable in height needs to buy the right size.
  • Only one color available

Final Comments,

Like I said before, I tested many canes myself and my patients reported problems with different canes,  so the two above, in my opinion,  are the best canes for seniors.

The Go steady combo cane provides a little more stability due to its tripod end tip with a Pivoting Base for Better Stability.  The Handy Cane in the other hand, will provide you with a different level of independence allowing you to be able to reach and grab objects as well as being more stable when walking.

Since safety should be a priority for people with balance problems, I do not recommend foldable canes ofany kind” for daily use.

The same applies for the foldable seat cane types, people will use them to have a little break, but due to their adapted folding seat designs, they are always a little unsteady when sitting on it, with people reporting falls.

So, If you are an occasional cane user and need a foldable travel cane, or you are a daily cane user, but you ARE NOT ABLE or CAN NOT take your regular daily cane with you, you can opt to get ;


 – The Hurrycane

HurryCane Walking Cane

In my opinion, again, this is the best among foldable canes.

 This cane will provide you with stability due to its pivoting tripod tip, but most of my patients report foldable canes to be weaker and squeaky (due to their foldable feature using an elastic cord) than their regular canes.


Thanks for reading these 2 canes reviews, feel free to communicate with me and ask me any question, write in the comments section, thank you. 


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