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What is Diathermy – Generalities, SWD (Short Wave Diathermy) Description.

  G. Guido Rodriguez PT - RT, About this author... I have been asked "What is Diathermy?" multiple times in my practice and it is always a pleasure to answer it, so here are the details of what diathermy is. The word “Diathermy” comes from the Greek “Dia” (through) + “Thermé” [...]

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Cold Compression Wrap – The Cool XChange Compression and Cooling Gel Bandage is One of a Kind

 The Cool XChange Compression and Cooling Gel Bandage is One of a Kind Treating Swelling with a Cold Compression Wrap As a physical therapist, you always deal with pain and swelling as the result of an acute injury. Today, I would [...]

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Pivot & Tilt Top Overbed Table – Drive Medical

Product Description The Drive Medical's Pivot and Tilt Adjustable Overbed Table Tray excel in stability and support.   "The Pivot and Tilt Adjustable Overbed Table Tray by Drive Medical"  if you spent an extended amount of [...]

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Cervical Stenosis Physical Therapy

Author: G. Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author… What is Cervical Stenosis? Learn About This Progressive Narrowing of the Spinal Canal   The cervical spine is one of the regions of the spinal column.     The cervical vertebrae are a series of 7 bones connected to each other forming the neck. The spinal canal, [...]

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Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Shoulder Wrap-2 Gels

Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Shoulder Wrap-2 Gels          Description      Features a cuff that holds a removable ice pack in place so you can stay fairly mobile during cold therapy. You can easily pump up or diminish how much compression the wrap applies    using the detachable bulb an use Ice and [...]

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Dolomite Legacy Rollator

Expert review by ; G. Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author...       Description Dolomite Legacy Walker; is a reliable and durable four wheeled walker/rollator with handbrakes and a flip up seat with security latch for greater reach and gait training. The large 8” wheels are for indoor or outdoor use. The patented [...]

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Foot Pain on the bottom of foot

If you are having foot pain, but on the bottom of the foot, here I am providing you some information about it and ways to treat it. The feet are the exposed to a significant amount of physical forces through the day, with some alterations depending on the activities and over time even changes in weight [...]

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Rotator Cuff Tear

You may have experienced having gone through a physical examination, x-rays and all, then.... a diagnosis of a rotator-cuff tear!!. Now what probably started as an arm and shoulder pain ending with a doctor’s suggestion of an immediate surgery,... But hold your fire!!; in many cases and depending on the extension of the tear, an [...]

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