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Physical Therapy to elderly patients with COVID-19

Author: G.Guido Rodriguez PT, RT  with the participation of Calvin Weaver PTA and the collaboration of  George A. Purcelley PT, DPT, GCS, WCC, CEEAA We are living in unprecedented times pulling through a pandemic. Even more, the role of physical and occupational therapy has been conflicted regarding the treatment of elderly patients with [...]

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APTA – Nutrition and Physical Therapy

It is official, Nutrition is part of the professional scope of practice for physical therapists. It is well known the impact that proper nutrition has in during the healing process from an injury or surgery. Food is the fuel of the body and daily nutritional intake is an important aspect during recovery. Many physical therapists [...]

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Best rolling walker with a seat 2018-2019

I decided to review this model that in my opinion is the best rolling walker with a seat for the task and give you some insights about it. But, before we get too much into rolling walkers and this model, in particular, let me mention that a medical grade four-wheeled walker with hand breaks and a [...]

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Folding Walker – Looking for a compact one, Here is a complete review of the EZ Fold-N-Go model.

Folding Walker Author: G.Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author..⟩⟩   I was asked about a folding walker "ideal for traveling", so I decided to review this model that in my opinion is the best for the task, and give you some insights about it. But, before we get too much into this foldable walker and this model, in [...]

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“How to Improve Balance”; How does balance work?, How to know if I am having balance problems?

  Author: G.Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author..⟩⟩     How to improve balance?? This is a common question. Most of us can walk and navigate effortlessly through places. Thus we do not tend to think about the millions of people having problems with balance and general mobility. Research shows that as much [...]

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Best Compression Socks – Blitzu Compression Foot/Calf Socks

Product features We were looking for the best compression socks and after researching and testing different kinds,  we agreed on this one. Have you ever felt that stabbing pain in your heels while walking, or you felt that your feet get tired too [...]

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How to Walk with a Cane

Author: G.Guido Rodriguez PT, RT, about this author..⟩⟩ As a physical therapist sometimes you find yourself assessing the way people walk in the street, it is inevitable,  particularly when they are utilizing an assistive device. The most common mistake that I have observed, is people using a wrong gait pattern with a regular [...]

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Best Walking Canes for Seniors – Top Two Picks

People with some balance problems normally ask me What Are the Best Walking Canes for Seniors? I have worked with many good ones, but these canes, in particular, are my favorite due to some particular features. But, before we get too much into canes and models, let me mention that a medical grade "regular" [...]

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